Shop in Berlin - New Hampshire's North Star
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About Berlin NH

Population: 10,051 (2010 census)
Elevation: 1020 feet above sea level
Land area: 61.7 square miles
Incorporated: 1829

         On first impression, Berlin, NH seems to be a community that time forgot. Many quaint shops, boutiques and stores occupy the storefronts of the brick buildings lining the old-fashioned Main Street. Stately Victorian homes, tenement blocks, beautiful churches and lovely background scenery grace many of Berlin's ethnic neighborhoods, conjuring up images of bygone days when this community thrived and flourished in the shadows of the Brown Company.

         Berlin is a city deeply rooted in pride. The residents of this beautiful area hold true to the past when people from every nationality and culture descended on Berlin to forge a new life for themselves and for their Bridge decorated with pumpkins.families. Traditions and language fostered by generations gone by continue to be followed today by the many descendants of these courageous and steadfast men and women. They are proud of their exceptional work ethic, their industrial and logging heritage, and their resiliency to reinvent themselves when times dictate that a new economic direction is crucial to their survival. Berlin is "The City That Trees Built".

         Berlin's history defines its people. This northernmost of New Hampshire's cities is used to be on the cutting edge. Berlin was the first city in New Hampshire to have electric street lights. Berlin was also the home to many inventions such as the Farrand Rule which is conveniently known today as the modern tape measure. The Brown Company's Research and Development's staff of scientists, often said to be "second to none", was also responsible for many patents. Solka floc and Cream of Krisp, known as Crisco are just some of the things invented in Berlin. It is also interesting to note that Berlin was also the first city in New Hampshire to have an indoor ice arena. Residents have always prided themselves in their hockey heritage, thus Berlin's nickname of "Hockey Town USA".

         Berlin is on the move. The future is bright. The biomass plant is fully operational, the new federal prison is open and doing well, the existing New Hampshire State Prison is well-established, and our downtown is vibrant with new revitalization and exciting shopping experiences. Berlin is surely unlike any other place you've been to, so stop by and visit soon mon ami and experience our friendly French-Canadian hospitality!